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More Than Just a Mug: A Symbol of Embracing Change.

A bold statement for a bold spirit...

Snake Mug

The Perfect Snake Mug for Your "Dark Cottagecore" Collection!

Do you find beauty in the unexpected? Are you drawn to the symbolism of transformation and new beginnings? Our captivating snake coffee mug is designed for those who embrace the wild side and find inspiration in nature's wonders.

A powerful message to inspire you to embrace change and move forward with confidence.

Get ready to fall in love if:


You appreciate the elegance and mystery of snakes.


You find inspiration from nature's silent teachers.


You're ready to embrace change and shed the skin of what no longer serves you.

This mug celebrates the courage it takes to shed your skin, metaphorically or literally.

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Cottagecore + Unique Mugs that inspire. That's the Cottage Corner vibe❤️

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