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My City Life
(A Cottagecore Comedy)

I wake up to the sound of sirens and horns
I rush to get ready, no time for yawns
I hop on the subway, packed like sardines
I try to ignore the smells and the scenes

I arrive at the office, greeted by stress
I check my emails, a pile of mess
I work on my tasks, deadlines looming
I sip my coffee, bitter and gloomy

I take a lunch break, a sandwich to go
I walk in the park, a breath of fresh air
I spot a flower, a rare sight to see
I smile for a moment, a glimpse of Cottagecore

I go back to work, more meetings and calls
I deal with problems, complaints and brawls
I finish my day, exhausted and drained
I head to the subway, delayed and strained


I get home at last, a tiny apartment

I cook some dinner, a frozen meal
I watch some TV, a nature show
I dream of meadows, a cozy feel


I long for a change, a simpler life

I wonder if I can, escape the strife
I browse the internet, a blog I find
I read about Cottagecore, a lifestyle trend


I learn about nature, beauty and harmony

I learn about activities, gardening and baking
I learn about community, sustainability and kindness
I learn about myself, values and purpose


I decide to try, a Cottagecore experiment

I buy a mug, a floral design
I plant some herbs, a basil and a mint
I bake some bread, a loaf of sourdough

I use my mug, a reminder to be kind

I nurture my herbs, a connection to nature
I enjoy my bread, a reward for my effort
I feel a difference, a sense of well-being

I realize that Cottagecore, is more than an aesthetic

I realize that Cottagecore, is a way of living
I realize that Cottagecore, is a choice and a mindset
I realize that Cottagecore, is a remedy for my soul

Just like the poem's narrator, many of us yearn for a life less ordinary, a life filled with peace, connection, and a sense of purpose. Cottagecore offers more than just charming aesthetics; it's a philosophy that can be embraced by anyone, anywhere.


Your Cottagecore journey might start with a floral mug or a a cozy corner filled with secondhand books. The key is to find what resonates with you and embrace the transformation, big or small.


Whether you're surrounded by towering skyscrapers or blooming meadows, Cottagecore principles can guide you towards a more intentional and balanced life. 

Ready for more Cottagecore? Click here for delightful freebies and resources.

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