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The Poem Mug: A Gift of Poetry and Peace

Updated: Jun 5

Here's something truly special - the "The Earth Has Music" Poem Coffee Mug. It's not just a container for your coffee; it's a portal to a world of poetry and peace.

wildflower field Cottagecore Mug

This mug is not just a mug, it is a piece of art and history. Inspired by "The Earth Has Music" by Reginald Vincent Holmes, a poet deeply connected to nature, this mug embodies the spirit of the poem: "The Earth has its music for those who will listen." The gentle verse adorns the mug alongside a cute design, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all living things. It's more than a gift; it's an invitation. An invitation to pause, reflect, and tune into the earth's symphony.

It's a daily reminder of the beauty and peace that surrounds us.🌻

A symbol of appreciation for nature's gifts

This mug is a keepsake that symbolizes your appreciation for nature and its gifts, and the importance of finding balance in your life. A keepsake that reminds you of the bond between you and the natural world.🐝

Find Your Connection to Nature

With this mug in your hand, you're not just a coffee drinker – you're a listener. A listener of the earth's music, its restorative melodies that inspire and transform. You're a listener to nature's poetry, enriching your life in unexpected ways.

Embrace the Music Within

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a gift of poetry and peace. This Coffee Mug will spark smiles, inspire reflection, and ignite your connection with the natural world. It's your invitation to listen to the earth's music, rediscovering the beauty and essence of your own being.

For in the music of the earth, you will find everything you need, everything you want, everything you are.


Discover the Magic of Cottagecore

At Cottage Corner, the magic of Cottagecore goes beyond aesthetics. We curate products that infuse your everyday experiences with charm and tranquility. We believe in a harmonious blend of nature, simplicity, and creativity, empowering you to embrace a slower and more mindful way of life.

Whether you're a Cottagecore enthusiast, nature lover, or simply drawn to this enchanting world, we welcome you! Explore our delightful Cottagecore gifts in our store and discover a treasure trove of freebies and resources.

Embrace the peace within. Embrace the music of the earth. Embrace Cottage Corner.


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