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Is Cottagecore Over? (2024 update)

Updated: Mar 7

Cottagecore. The word conjures images of sun-drenched meadows, quaint cottages overflowing with wildflowers, and the gentle rhythm of a simpler life. As with any trend, whispers have begun to circulate about the fate of Cottagecore. Is the internet's obsession with all things quaint and rustic fading? Or is Cottagecore, like a tenacious wildflower, pushing through the concrete and redefining itself for a new era? Let's find out.

cottagecore setting flower vase in a cozy chair

Let's ditch the tired narrative of Cottagecore as a mere aesthetic. It's a philosophy, a rebellion against the constant scroll, a yearning to reconnect with the earth beneath our manicured feeds.

Sure, the gingham-clad cottages might feel overdone. But Cottagecore's essence – a mindful, simple life intertwined with nature – is more relevant than ever.

Evolution, Not Expiration

Cottagecore, in its essence, is a call to return to the roots of what it means to truly live, and in that, it finds its lasting power. Sure, the Instagram-perfect Cottages and endless gingham might feel passé. But today, Cottagecore is a vibrant mosaic, welcoming diverse expressions and blending seamlessly with other aesthetics.

According to Apartment Therapy, Cottagecore is one of the design cores that will continue to dominate in 2024, along with other styles that celebrate nature, comfort, and nostalgia.

So, is Cottagecore over?

Not a chance.

Cottagecore is not over. It is adapting to the changing times, and to the changing needs and preferences of its followers. It is also expanding to new platforms, new audiences, and new subgenres, such as 'dark cottagecore', 'witchy cottagecore', and 'gothic cottagecore'. Cottagecore is also influencing other areas of culture, such as fashion, music, art, and literature.

It's a living, breathing movement, blooming anew in the hearts of those who seek solace in the simple things. It's not about aesthetics; it's about values – slowing down, appreciating the everyday, and forging a connection with the world around us.

Beyond Aesthetics: A Philosophy for All

The beauty of Cottagecore lies in its inherent personal touch. It's not about replicating a replicating an Instagram fantasy; it's about finding what sparks joy in your own heart. Whether it's baking bread in your tiny apartment kitchen, tending a rooftop herb garden, or simply curling up with a well-worn book by the crackling fireplace, there's a way to weave Cottagecore's magic into your life, regardless of your location or lifestyle.

Urban Cottagecore: Blooming in Concrete Jungles

The misconception that Cottagecore belongs solely to sprawling meadows and rustic cabins is fading. Urban dwellers are embracing this philosophy, transforming balconies into miniature gardens, upcycling furniture with floral flair, and seeking solace in community gardens and pocket parks. Even amidst the concrete jungle, the seeds of simplicity, sustainability, and connection to nature find fertile ground.

Ready to Cultivate Your Own Cottagecore?

Here's Your Starter Kit:

  • Dive into the community: Immerse yourself in the bustling world of cottagecore blogs, forums, and social media groups. Discover new ideas, connect with kindred spirits, and let their passion inspire you.

  • Explore nature: One of the best ways to experience Cottagecore is to explore nature. You can go for a walk, a hike, or a bike ride in a park, a forest, or a field. You can also visit a farm, a garden, or a market, and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. You can also collect some natural items, such as leaves, flowers, or rocks, and use them for crafts or decoration.

  • Start small: You don't need to overhaul your life to embrace Cottagecore. Bake a rustic apple pie, brew a pot of herbal tea, or decorate your windowsill with potted succulents. These small acts are the seeds of a mindful, sustainable life.

Cottagecore is an invitation to rediscover the magic in the everyday. So, put on your floral dress, grab your basket, and step into a world where slow living reigns supreme. Remember, Cottagecore awaits, not as a trend, but as a path to a life filled with simple pleasures, mindful moments, and a deep connection to the earth's rhythm.

Let Cottagecore be your guide to a life filled with simple pleasures, mindful moments, and a deep connection to the natural world.

Happy Cottagecoring! ❤️


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