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How to Host a Cottagecore Easter Egg Hunt

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a Cottagecore-inspired Easter egg hunt? Cottagecore, the romanticized aesthetic inspired by rural life, has taken the world by storm, and hosting a Cottagecore Easter egg hunt is the perfect way to embrace this trend while also enjoying the holiday. In this article, we will guide you through the process of hosting a Cottagecore Easter egg hunt, from planning to execution, and provide you with some tips to make your event truly unforgettable.

To organize an Easter egg hunt, you'll need to hide eggs filled with treats or prizes around a designated area, and invite participants to search for them. You can also add fun challenges or clues to make the hunt more interesting.

Planning Your Cottagecore Easter Egg Hunt

The first step to hosting a successful Cottagecore Easter egg hunt is planning. Here are some things to consider:

Choose the Location

The location of your egg hunt is key to creating a Cottagecore atmosphere. Look for a picturesque setting, such as a garden, park, or field, and make sure it is accessible for all guests.

Set the Date and Time

Pick a date and time that works for most of your guests. Consider the weather and the availability of your location.

Create Invitations

Create invitations that reflect the Cottagecore theme. Use floral or pastel-colored paper and include images of rabbits or eggs. You can also use calligraphy or typewriter fonts for a vintage touch.

Plan Your Decorations

Decorations are crucial to creating a Cottagecore atmosphere. Use pastel colors, floral patterns, and rustic elements such as burlap or lace. Consider creating a focal point, such as a decorated archway or a flower-covered tree.

Setting Up Your Cottagecore Easter Egg Hunt

Now that you have planned your event, it's time to set it up. Here are some tips to make your egg hunt a success:

1. Hide the Eggs

Hide the eggs in areas that fit the Cottagecore aesthetic, such as behind trees, under bushes, or in flower beds. Make sure the eggs are visible but not too easy to find.

2. Provide Baskets or Bags

Provide guests with baskets or bags to collect their eggs. You can decorate them with ribbon, lace, or flowers for an extra touch.

3. Offer Refreshments

Offer refreshments that fit the Cottagecore theme, such as tea, lemonade, or baked goods. You can serve them on vintage plates or use floral-patterned cups.

4. Play Music

Set the mood with some soft, folky music. You can use a portable speaker or create a playlist on your phone.

Making Your Cottagecore Easter Egg Hunt Unique

To make your event stand out, consider adding some unique touches:

Egg Decorating Station

An egg decorating station is a fun and creative addition to any Easter egg hunt. It provides guests with the opportunity to showcase their artistic skills and make their eggs stand out from the rest.

To set up an egg decorating station, you'll need to gather a few essential supplies such as paint, stickers, markers, and brushes. Make sure to provide a variety of materials in different colors and styles to encourage creativity. You can also offer inspiration for decorating ideas by displaying sample designs or providing Easter-themed stencils.

To set up the station, choose a designated area with enough space for guests to comfortably sit and work on their eggs. Cover the table with a disposable tablecloth to protect the surface from any spills or messes.

Once the station is set up, invite guests to come and decorate their eggs. You can encourage friendly competition by offering prizes for the most creative, colorful, or unique egg designs.

Photo Booth

A photo booth is a great addition to any Easter celebration, adding an element of fun and creating lasting memories for guests. To set up a photo booth, you'll need a few basic supplies such as a vintage frame and some fun props.

First, choose a location for the photo booth that is easily accessible and visible to guests. A corner of the room or a spot near the entrance works well. Place the vintage frame in the designated area and decorate it with flowers or other Easter-themed decorations. Next, gather a variety of props such as floral crowns, bunny ears, or baskets. You can also include signs with Easter-themed phrases or puns for guests to hold up in their photos.

To encourage guests to participate, set up a sign with instructions on how to use the photo booth and invite guests to take photos with their phones or cameras. Encourage them to share their photos on social media using a custom hashtag for the event.

For an added touch, you can also provide printed copies of the photos for guests to take home as a souvenir. With a little creativity and some simple supplies, a photo booth can add a fun and memorable element to any Easter celebration.

Scavenger Hunt

If you want to add an extra level of challenge and fun to your Easter egg hunt, consider incorporating a scavenger hunt element. A scavenger hunt involves creating clues that lead participants to a series of hidden items, in this case, Easter eggs. To set up a scavenger hunt, you'll need to create a series of clues that lead participants to the hidden eggs. The clues can be written on cards or printed out and hidden in various locations around the house or yard. The clues should be challenging enough to keep participants engaged but not too difficult to solve.

Once the clues are prepared, hide the eggs in various locations around the area where the hunt is taking place. Make sure to keep a list of where each egg is hidden so you can verify when all the eggs have been found.

To start the scavenger hunt, provide participants with the first clue and let them work together to solve it. Once they find the first egg, they will find the next clue which leads them to the next egg, and so on until all the eggs have been found.

You can make the scavenger hunt even more fun by adding extra challenges or tasks along the way. For example, participants may have to complete a physical challenge or solve a riddle before they can move on to the next clue.


Hosting a Cottagecore Easter egg hunt is a fun and unique way to celebrate the holiday. By following these tips, you can create an unforgettable event that embraces the Cottagecore aesthetic and provides a fun-filled day for all. So gather your friends and family, put on your best floral dress, and get ready for a day of egg-hunting fun!

Happy Easter! Enjoy this special day!


1. What is the Easter egg hunt tradition?

The Easter egg hunt tradition involves hiding eggs for children to find, and is said to symbolize new life and rebirth. It dates back to early Christian celebrations and has since become a popular activity for families during the Easter season.

2. What do you put in an Easter egg hunt?

You can put a variety of items in Easter eggs, including candy, small toys, stickers, or coins. For an extra challenge, you can include clues or riddles to help participants find the eggs.

3. What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is an aesthetic inspired by rural life, characterized by pastoral and nostalgic elements such as floral patterns, vintage decor, and a connection to nature.

4. What should I wear to a Cottagecore Easter egg hunt?

Wear something comfortable and appropriate for the weather. Embrace the Cottagecore aesthetic by wearing floral dresses, lace, or pastel-colored clothing.

5. How many eggs should I hide?

The number of eggs you hide depends on the number of guests you have. A general rule is to hide at least one egg per guest.

6. Can I make my own decorations?

Absolutely! DIY decorations add a personal touch and are budget-friendly. Consider using recycled materials or natural elements such as flowers or branches.

7. Can I host a Cottagecore Easter egg hunt indoors?

Yes! While the outdoor setting is ideal, you can still create a Cottagecore atmosphere indoors. Use rustic or vintage decorations, and hide eggs in creative places such as under furniture or in potted plants.

8. What is the most famous Easter egg hunt?

The White House Easter Egg Roll is perhaps the most famous Easter egg hunt. It is an annual event held on the White House lawn since 1878, and includes a variety of activities in addition to the egg hunt, such as storytelling and musical performances.

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