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Your Cottagecore Haven Starts with a Notebook 🌻

Updated: Mar 7

More than just pretty pages, your notebook becomes a living record of your Cottagecore adventure. It's a testament to your dedication to slowing down, appreciating the simple things, and nurturing a life filled with meaning and purpose.

notebook with flowers on top

The Cottagecore aesthetic is a cultural movement embracing a return to traditional skills and crafts such as foraging, baking, and pottery, and is related to similar nostalgic aesthetic movements such as Grandmacore, Farmcore, Goblincore, and Fairycore. It values simplicity, sustainability, slowness, and harmony with nature. The concept of Cottagecore is centered around a romantic interpretation of rural life. It is particularly popular among the youth who use it as an escape from the high-tech, capitalistic modern life.

But how does one start their journey into this idyllic world?

The answer is simple:

with a notebook.

Don't be fooled by its plain cover. Within that unassuming collection of blank pages lies the magic to conjure your very own Cottagecore haven.

The Role of the Notebook in Your Cottagecore Journey

A notebook in the cottagecore lifestyle is more than just a place for grocery lists and to-do. It's a way to plan your life, document your experiences, connect with nature, and celebrate the little victories of your journey. You can use it to brainstorm ideas, create a budget, and set goals. You can fill it with sketches, photos, stickers, quotes, poems, or anything that inspires you.🌼

Here are some specific ideas for your notebook:

  • Write a gratitude log: Every day, write down three things that you are grateful for, such as a person, a place, a thing, or an experience. You can also write down why you are grateful for them, and how they make you feel. This can help you focus on the positive aspects of your life and increase your happiness.

  • Craft a vision board: Cut out or print some images and words that represent your goals, dreams, or aspirations, and arrange them on a page of your notebook. You can also add some affirmations or quotes that motivate you. This can help you visualize your ideal life and inspire you to take action.

  • Create a meal plan based on seasonal ingredients: Plan your meals for the week or month, using fresh and local produce that are in season. You can also include shopping lists or nutritional information. This can help you eat healthier, save money, and reduce food waste.

  • Write down any DIY projects you want to tackle: Make a list of any projects that you want to do yourself, such as making your own candles, soap, or jewelry. You can also write down the materials, steps, and costs involved. This can help you unleash your creativity, learn new skills, and have fun.

  • Keep track of your finances so you can reach your savings goals: Record your income and expenses, and calculate your budget and savings. You can also write down your financial goals, such as saving for a trip, a house, or a retirement fund. This can help you manage your money, avoid debt, and achieve your dreams.

Documenting Your Journey

As you embark on your Cottagecore journey, your notebook will become a treasured record of your experiences. You can use it to:

  • Capture the moments that matter: Write down the highlights of your day, such as a new discovery, a happy encounter, or a personal achievement. You can also include some photos, drawings, or souvenirs that remind you of those moments.

  • Reflect on your progress and challenges: Write down the things that you learned, improved, or struggled with in your journey. You can also write down some feedback, advice, or encouragement for yourself or others.

  • Explore your thoughts and feelings: Write down the things that you think and feel, such as your joys, hopes, fears, or doubts. You can also write down some questions, insights, or revelations that you have along the way.

  • Express your creativity and personality: Write down the things that you create, enjoy, or love in your Cottagecore lifestyle, such as your hobbies, passions, or preferences. You can also write down some poems, stories, or songs that you write or find inspiring.

Connecting with Nature

Cottagecore is all about slowing down and appreciating the simple things in life. Your notebook can help you connect with nature more deeply.

Here are some ideas:

  • Draw or paint the plants and animals you see in your backyard or on your nature walks.

  • Press flowers and leaves to create a seasonal herbarium.

  • Write down observations about the changing seasons.

  • Keep a nature journal to track your observations and insights.

Preserving Traditions

The cottagecore movement is a way to reconnect with traditional crafts, skills, and recipes. Your notebook can be a place to preserve these traditions for future generations.

Here are some ideas:

  • Legacy on Paper: Learn a cherished family recipe from your elders and document it in your notebook.

  • Crafting a Revival: Learn how to knit, sew, or crochet, skills passed down through generations.

  • Ancestral Echoes: Research your family history and write down what you learn, preserving your heritage for future generations.

  • Memories in a Scrapbook: Create a scrapbook filled with family photos and stories, a tangible connection to your past.

Additional Tip:

  • Choose a notebook that you love the look and feel of. This will make you more likely to use it regularly. Consider factors like size, paper quality, and cover design. Opt for a softcover with a calming floral pattern or a sturdy leather-bound journal for a timeless touch.

  • Washi Tape Magic: Washi tape comes in a delightful array of designs – florals, vintage patterns, and even miniature food illustrations! Use it to decorate your notebook pages, color-code sections, or create journaling prompts.

  • Stickers Tell a Story: Find stickers that resonate with the Cottagecore aesthetic – bees, mushrooms, wildflowers, or vintage teacups. Use them to highlight important entries or simply add a touch of whimsy.

  • Lettering Love: Experiment with different handwriting styles! Cursive script or hand-lettering can add a touch of elegance to your notebook.

  • Quotes for Inspiration: Collect quotes that embody the Cottagecore spirit and transcribe them into your notebook. These little nuggets of wisdom can provide a spark of motivation or comfort on challenging days.


Remember, your Cottagecore notebook is a reflection of YOU. Don't be afraid to personalize it, experiment with different styles, and let your creativity flow freely. It's a space to celebrate the simple joys, document your journey, and create a record of your own personal Cottagecore haven. So grab a notebook, and let your cottagecore journey begin!❤️

Download your free Cottagecore goodies here:

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